The Hidden Secrets Of World War II

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The Lebensborn Program When you think or stumble across the Holocaust, you may think of devastation and death around every corner, but there is more that just that. You have to look further and deeper, just to uncover hidden secrets of World War II. Just like the Lebensborn program, or in other words ‘Spring to life’, was a top secret operation that had somewhat of a positive effect, but like they, “With light comes darkness”. Although the Lebensborn had truly been a way to bring life into this world, or too help create the new Hitler’s new superrace, it had really only brought devastation with it. (Source 3 - Jewish Gen) The sole purpose of the Lebensborn program was so that Himmler could reverse the decline in that had been happening in the German. Although, the Nazi’s also believed that the Lebensborn was also part of the Nazi belief to create a ‘Master Race’ that would soon rule over Europe. Himmler’s main goal was to have the German population to grow up to around 120 million people. He also hoped that the children of the Lebensborn program would grow up to lead the new Nazi-Aryan Country and nation. Little did he know that the program wouldn’t produce the right result that he was looking for. (Source 1 - the Jewish Virtual Library & Source 2 - The History LEarning Site & The program was first introduced on December 12, 1935, the same year that the Nuremberg Laws took to effect. This Certain program allowed women who deemed racially pure to have the
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