The Hidden Talent Of Talent Management

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Information Technology organizations should develop, plans and process to track and manage their talented employees, because most of the employees they are not aware of their talent. All IT employees have talents which should be identified. Talent management is a systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement/retention and deployment of those individuals with high potential who are of particular value to an organization. This study is endeavour to identify the hidden talent of the Information Technology employees. The primary data has been collected through questionaries’. Key words: Employees, Information Technology organizations Talent, Talent Management. INTRODUCTION The process of talent management is indispensable for…show more content…
Authors have further opined that, with talented people on the other hand, individual professionals typically provide customized solutions to an endless stream of new problems. S. C. Verma, (2000), explained about the linkage of talent acquisition management and engagement with business strategy of the organization. In this context author has stated that, historically, organizations have not treated the recruitment process as one of strategic significance, but latterly many are now waking up to the reality that, world has changed; and no more can the organization pick and choose between several great candidates for one position. Author has observed that, several changes in connected world have tipped the scales in favor of the highly talented individual looking of a new opportunity. In the opinion of author, talent acquisition is part of a broader strategic approach in the quest to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Other aspects include talent development and retention which are primarily inward facing, whilst the former is outward looking. Author has concluded that, the organizations are taking talent acquisition management and engagement as their significant business strategy and even the employees are satisfied with the policies and measures adopted by the organizations. S. V. Deb, author has stated that,

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