The Hierarchy Levels Of Strategy For Asdith Health Services Essay

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Introduction Asdith Health Service is a community hospital which was established in 1995. It located in San Francisco in USA with a total staff of 1300. This Health Service was one of the first of a provision of health-care in San Francisco and today it spread from over there to the outskirts of Los Angeles. AHS operates under a Health Trust Board who are members of local community, where some of them are professional people such as lawyers, doctors, educators and other members are consumers of the services. The structure of organization consists of following roles: • Executive Directors - 3. Medical/ Surgical/ Allied Health • Deputy Director – 3 • Senior Functional Managers - 6 such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Technical, Information and Operations • Heads of Department - Clinical – 12 • Heads of Department -Allied – 6 • Staff such as nurses, doctors, technical, advisory, analysts, administration, porters, custodians and other health-care professionals. 1. Describe the Hierarchy Levels of Strategy for Asdith Health Services (further AHS). In the course of formal planning it is necessary to allocate various roles which will be carried out by certain managers when forming and performing strategy of the firm. There are three main hierarchical levels which are essential in any process of formal planning: corporate level, business level and functional level. Corporate level To this level belong decisions which by the nature cover all corporation in general.

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