The Hierarchy Of Gender Is An Issue That The Entire World Has Faced For Many Years

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The hierarchy of gender is an issue that the entire world has faced for many years. In the United States, there is a large problem with women being represented in politics. This can be traced back to how children are placed into different hierarchies of males being masculine and females being feminine through their clothes, toys, and more. However, the issue is also caused by the media’s portray of female politicians in comparison to male politicians. The media’s reporting of the 2016 presidential candidates have impacted the way the candidates speak on each other, and the general publics opinion on different candidates. In the United States, people are faced with the hierarchy of gender from childhood. Infant males are designated with blue, seen as superior and masculine, while infant females are given the color pink in all aspects to be seen as feminine. This culture transpires into their young childhood in the forms of toys. Female toys are often domesticated items such as playhouses, kitchen sets, and baby dolls. On the other hand, male toys are more career oriented, construction sets, science experiment kits, policemen and firefighting figurines. As the children grow up, they are trained to think within this gender dichotomy of masculine versus feminine. It is well known that women are not see as prevalent in the United States government. Only twenty-five percent of legislative positions are held by women in the country, there has never been a female president, and

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