The Hierarchy Of The Good Wife

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The treatise “The Good Wife”, was written as a guide by an old and wealthy French man for his young wife, to teach her how to be the most honorable woman she could be even after the author’s death. There is an unspoken hierarchy depicted in “The Good Wife”, between three distinct relationships: God and humanity, husband and wife, and the employee and servant. In each section there is a comparison of ranks, such as god over humanity, the husband over the wife, and the wife above her servants, particularly in that order. Even though this hierarchy is evident, each level has its similarities and difference with a position either below or above it. Opening the treatise, the author explains the wife’s duty when it comes to serving god. He states…show more content…
God is the guide and is thanked for people’s survival during this time. God is prayed to for every minor aspect of a person’s life, from waking up to their everyday decisions. No matter if you are a noble, a man, woman, or servant, God is above all and is highly exalted. As explained in section 2.3, the servants are expected to treat their noble women the same manor. She is the spectacle that pays them, allows them to work and live on her land. While God is thanked for all of humanities blessings, the noble women is praised by her servants. The gentlewoman’s word was their law, such as it was for the words of God from the Bible to humanity. God protects humanity, and shelters them from the faults of the land as explained in the multiple prayers the author wishes for his wife to say. Through praying to God, and acting upon his word humanity is protected. The noble women’s relationship with her servants is much similar to that of God’s and humanity. The noblewomen must act superior, and choose what becomes of her servants. While God shelters humanity from sin, and preserve them with second chances, the noblewomen shelters, pays, and even dictates what her servants eat. The more one praise God, the more they are expected to receive, such as the more one praises their noblewomen the more they expect to receive. The husband illustrates this in section 2.3 when he explains to the…show more content…
Humanity must be as obedient to god as the wife is to her husband. As humanity has to follow God’s commandments, in section 1.6 the wife is expected to follow the husband’s commandments. As the author mentions in section 1.1 of the wife’s duties when it comes to God, these duties are also similar to her duties to her husband. While the wife is instructed to by her husband to praise and God daily, the wife is also instructed to obey her husbands every whim and must never disrespect, show arrogance or show disharmony for her husband such as Sarah never did for Abraham. The Husband uses Abraham’s and Sarah’s relationship to suggest that even the Holy text does not allow this type of behavior and that it is highly offensive to both the husband and God. The author goes to the extent to compare husbands as the head of the wife, to Jesus who is the head of the church. Their must also be a mutual respect in the relationship between God and Humanity, and the husband and wife. As humanity and the wife is expected to respect their counterparts, the same is expected from their counter parts. However, instead of through praise and constant obedience, the husband is only expected to love his life with his heart and no more. The wife’s obedient and affection to her husband is expected to be much more radical. The author compared this type of obedience to a domesticated animal.
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