The Hierarchy of the Labor Union

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Are union locals independent of employers or are they incorporated into the management of the workplace? The hierarchy of the labor union begins with the international union that is labeled as the highest level of labor organization. It is followed by district council that can be found all over the country. Furthermore, the jurisdiction of the union locals only covers small areas that would include towns and cities. It will not be wrong to say that the employees of individual work places are represented by union locals (Mayhew, 2013). The precise demarcation of the union locals as being dependent or independent of the employer cannot be made since the union locals are an organization within the workplace. Therefore, union locals are organizations that are formed by the employees of a certain company, firm or any other workplace, for the welfare of the members of the union locals and other employees. The objective of this organization is to advance the interest of the employees of that work place in terms of wages, working conditions and employee benefits. Likewise, union locals are not a part of the management but they form a bridge between the management of the workplace and the employees. This implies that the members of the local unions represent the employees and negotiate with the management, in the forms of contracts and otherwise, whenever they feel that the welfare of the employees is at stake. The relationship between the union locals and the management is
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