The Higgs boson Theorised by physicists Francois Elgert and Peter Higgs

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The Higgs boson or God Particle was theorised 50 years ago by two physicists Francois Elgert and Peter Higgs. They were awarded with a Nobel Prize for confirming its existence on July 4th, 2012. It is possible further research will lead to major discoveries in the future of physics . The Higgs boson is known as the key to understanding why mass exists and how it was originally constructed. It should be further examined and studied.
The Higgs boson and Higgs field have been explained many different ways in order to provide a better understanding. The more interaction something has with the field, the more mass it will have and the simplest way of explaining this is through a metaphor. For example, consider a body of water. The water will drag on things that move through it, but it will not affect all things in the same way. A jetski, for instance, would meet little resistance as it moves forward which resembles the way electrons cooperate with the Higgs field. There is very little interaction and therefore less mass. A swimmer on the other hand will meet much more resistance while emerged in water. This resembles the way that W and Z bosons drag through the Higgs field. They have thousands of times more mass than electrons, protons, and neutrons. Photons do not interact with the scalar field and therefore have no mass. In this metaphor planes flying over bodies of water represent the photons. The body of water represents the Higgs field and the water droplets that make up

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