The High Antioxidant Qualities Of The Muscadine Grapes My Family 's Produce Company Sells

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In a quest to explore Christianity, Marshall Petersen began visiting the Sunday school with the encouragement of his wife. I am his Sunday school teacher and upon further communication, I informed him of the high antioxidant qualities of the Muscadine grapes my family’s produce company sells, and I asked him if he might be interested in promoting either the grapes themselves or the various products developed using their seeds. He was interested.
The grapes became a hot commodity and over six months, he paid for orders and delivery has been prompt, and no issues about payments even though they can be 15 to 30 days late. During one of the deliveries, Marshall made my son signed a contract that includes a guaranteed price schedule consistent
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2015, p.72). I would definitely love to mediate with Marshall for a few good reasons. With him being a new Christian, and seeing myself as a potential propeller that can channel him towards Christ, I do understand that my handling of this matter, would either push him closer to Christ, or pull him away from Christ. I would favor the former over the later due to one of many reasons, with the chief reason being the question in the Book of Mark 8:36. It reads, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). I wouldn’t mine taking a loss in this deal, as gaining a soul supersedes all monetary gains. Mediation service would be our best option because of its non-adversarial nature, it tends to preserve the relationship between the parties to a greater extent than would a trial or any of the other alternatives to litigation (Kubasek, Nancy K. 2015. p.73).
At the initial stage before my son signed the said contract, Marshall and I had an implied contract with no fixed quantity but, with a price. According to Investopedia, An implied contract is an agreement created by actions of the parties involved, but it is not written or spoken. This is a contract assumed to have been drawn. In this case, there is no written record nor any actual verbal agreement ( This case is similar to that of Beer vs Chase, 392 F.3d 809 (2004), where Beer- a former prosecutor sued for a
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