The High Antioxidant Qualities Of The Muscadine Grapes My Family 's Produce Company Sells

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In a quest to explore Christianity, Marshall Petersen began visiting the Sunday school with the encouragement of his wife. I am his Sunday school teacher and upon further communication, I informed him of the high antioxidant qualities of the Muscadine grapes my family’s produce company sells, and I asked him if he might be interested in promoting either the grapes themselves or the various products developed using their seeds. He was interested.
The grapes became a hot commodity and over six months, he paid for orders and delivery has been prompt, and no issues about payments even though they can be 15 to 30 days late. During one of the deliveries, Marshall made my son signed a contract that includes a guaranteed price schedule consistent with what he had been paying. Marshall told him that it was “just a formality” to guarantee a continuing business relationship. The signing of that contract established a formal business agreement between the two companies.
Our business transactions were running perfectly, we were trying to meet the demand for our product, and until recently when a company in Texas offered to pay me twice the going rate for my products. I informed Marshall as I don’t want to leave him out to dry. He was very angry and he told me that he expects me to continue to supply him with all the product he needs, when he needs it, and at the prices he had always paid, per the requirements contract between our businesses and in accordance with an implied duty of…
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