Essay about The High Cost of Branded Drugs in the United States

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“What I learned from the film was that generic drugs are selling better than the branded medication I assume it is because of the cost, of the branded are too high for consumers in the United States to afford to buy it. In the United States the pharmaceutical company’s go through a strenuous trial before they can get a patent for a medication to sell to the public. They are under strict regulations in the United States by the Federal Food & Drug Administration, they go through clinical trials before they can get a patent for medication to be distributed to the public. It also references the point that weak nations must have access to reasonably priced medications, treatments and vaccines is also creating a huge opportunity such as Africa.…show more content…
They can make billons by selling generic medications to developing countries abroad, from the film it states there will be a 20% increase in evolving markets by 2020. These generic medications are marketing fast because of the price for the medicine. (, 2014)”.
Physical condition expenditures in the U.S. remained approximately ninety percent greater than in several other developing states. The shared potential reasons are elder costs, additional willingly accessible gear, and overweight says: the Kaiser family foundation. Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, May 2012. Roughly seventy-five percent of health care money are exhausted on patients between one or additional frequent situations, some of them can be stopped, counting sugar, overweight, respiratory failure, lung infection, high plasma, and cancer. (
America has the greatest amount of medicated citizens comprehensively in addition to the least healthy. America distributes ample currency on behalf of health care, America should have the finest organization of the world, and however, something has gone very improper. Practically 1/2 of Americans, currently uses medication on a regular base according to a CDC report that was newly released. Permitting the analysis, roughly 1/3 of citizens consume two or greater, pharmacological medicines, and ten percent of all Americans’
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