The High Cost of Healthcare in the United States

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Something needs to be done in order to make it possible for patients, families, and businesses to be able to afford health care. US does not always spend health care dollars in the most productive way. The cost of cancer treatments alone can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the only way to pay for that is to raise the cost of the insurance to the patients. Cost is defined as the “price” of healthcare. The “price” or cost can come from various places such as, the physician’s bill, the cost of prescriptions, as well as what the employers pay to cover their employees. The cost of treatments, emergency room visits, medicines, the cost of newest technology and etc. is what is making our increase in cost rapidly. The rising costs leads to becoming a financial burden to families, even the ones that have health insurance, which can typically result in individuals not receiving the health services that they need.
An efficient health care system is one that treats illnesses in the most cost-effective way. When a patient is given a choice between therapies, an efficient system will use the less costly of the two, other things being equal. But, as of right now the U.S. health care system, meaning, patients and their doctors do not always choose less costly therapies because they face distorted incentives. On the average, every time a patient spends a dollar on medical care, only 21 cents comes out of…
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