The High Cost of Junk Food Essay

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It is 9oclock at night, you went to school from 8am to 12pm and then you went to work from 1pm to 9pm what is the first thing on your mind; cooking, homework, McDonalds or what about just sleep. This is an average day for me every day and the only thing I think about is getting my shoes off and just sitting down to relax. I don’t feel like standing over a stove or making anything my first thought is the drive thru for a fast and easy meal. The time is takes to go grocery shopping compared to sitting in my car and waiting for my food to be handed to me is a big difference. Consider the shopping for an hour or two and then you have to go home to unload the groceries you just bought compared to just carrying a single paper …show more content…
In the New York Times article, “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” By: Mark Bittman, he describes some possible meals for $15 or down to $9 for a family of four to six just by buying the non name brand products or buying the products that are dried instead of canned such as beans. Also he points out that even the poorest of poor can really afford to eat healthier than to stock up on junk food:

“THE fact is that most people can afford real food. Even the nearly 50 million Americans who are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) receive about $5 per person per day, which is far from ideal but enough to survive.”(Bittman) If you really did your research on shopping for food instead of just buying junk food you would really be surprised at what $5 really could get for you.

A main excuse that people may use for not cooking dinner is they don’t have the time to do it. But in reality when you come home from work and you sit in front of the television for an hour or two, you could be cooking a simple meal that takes about 20 minutes.

“The real challenge is not “I’m too busy to cook.” In 2010 the average American, regardless of weekly earnings, watched no less than an hour and a half of television per day. The time is there.”(Bittman)

So all in all I see that junk food isn’t really cheaper than at home meals and it really isn’t that much to

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