The High Cost of Low Expectations

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The High Cost of Low Expectations The high level of students allowed to graduate despite their poor performance is atrocious. In Mary Sherry’s essay, “In Praise of the F Word” she states, “tens of thousands of 18-year-olds will graduate this year and be handed meaningless diplomas.” (Sherry 564) Further, in Sherry’s essay she discusses the need for teachers and parents to instill a healthy fear of failure in these kids. If a child truly cannot complete the required schoolwork at an acceptable level, the educational system should fail the child. It is just the right thing to do. Graduating students who have not done strong work in school is unfair to the students themselves and it cheats the future employers of these students. Children…show more content…
Sherry uses an example of this very issue in her essay when she writes about her own son. Sherry’s son, once threatened by a teacher with failing an English class, buckled down, did his schoolwork, and went from a failing grade to getting an A in the class. Some MATC students have openly admitted that they do not really care about their education. They have said they find the teachers boring and they feel that as long as they pass with the minimum grades needed to graduate why try harder. These particular students think that as long as they get their diploma it will not matter that they have only put in the minimal amount of effort necessary to get by. They argue that any future employers that may hire them will never know what their grade point average was or know about the lack of effort they put into school. The high cost of these students’ low expectations will most likely consist of future disappointments and failures for them. People who have low expectations of themselves cost society in many ways. Low expectations tend to foster low achievement. Our economy is becoming increasingly knowledge based. People with low expectations cost time and money. Employers want to hire people who strive to do well in all they do. In life, we all have to do things we do not necessarily like. The question is do we try to do our best no matter what? In a recent article I read, it stated that one school in particular, here in the Midwest, allowed 27%

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