The High Court of Australia

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High Court
The High Court of Australia is apart of the Federal Court hierarchy, sitting above the Victorian hierarchy. The High Court is the most prestigious court in Australia and can be found in the ACT. The High Court is split into three levels depending on the number of justices and what is being heard; the High Court (1 justice), The Full Court of the High Court (not less than two justices) and the Full Bench of the High Court (5-7 justices). The main role of the High Court is to interpret the Constitution. The Constitution is the most important legal and political document affecting the lives of Australians. The Constitution, founded in 1901, gives the High Court the power to interpret the Constitution if the need arises. The legal document protects Australians in their dealings with the Commonwealth Parliament. It does this by placing restrictions of the law-making powers of the Commonwealth and making provision for the High Court of Australia to act as the final arbiter. The High Court is also able to invalidate any legislation that seems to be unconstitutional and because the Constitution is limited, the High Court also may be asked to decide whether a law made by the Commonwealth Government is within that power.
The High Court has both original criminal and civil jurisdiction. The Court’s jurisdiction comprises almost all civil matters arising under Australian federal law and some summary and indictable criminal matters. The High Court does not generally deal
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