The High God

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Americans personify things in nature as spiritual. They believe that there is one Supreme God, just as those who practice African American religions. In Native American religions the High God is separate from the spirits of Earth. Very similar to African beliefs, Native Americans believe there are lesser deities called to on a regular basis and that the High God is only present in situations of great emergency. Most Native American religions practice this belief of the High God. (30-31) Some Native American religious groups think of the High God as a personal God. They call this a Great Spirit. They believe that the Great Spirit presents itself in the form of humans, items in nature, and things in the spiritual world.…show more content…
Ancestors are believed to be the cause of certain catastrophes on Earth. These can include droughts, famine, and other natural disasters. They also are believed to cause sickness and death of people still on Earth. People of African religions believe that ancestors are the true spirits that control moral and social codes, rather than Gods. Ancestry is an influential and important, if not most important, aspect of African religions. Africans fear ancestors and treat them as sacred and divine like other religions would do of Gods. (53-54) In Native American religions not much is said of veneration of ancestors. However, a view of the afterlife is mentioned. Native Americans greatly fear the dead and often will offer up sacrifices for the dead. They will also provide food and drink for the deceased for their travels to the land of the dead. The Native Americans sometimes will call to their ancestors in time of need or prayer. Native American religion does not focus on ancestry as much as the African American religions do; it is still present however. (30, 40-41) Both African American and Native American religions present beliefs in a High God and ancestors. The presence of a High God is equal in importance and practice in both African and Native American religions. Although, the stories and beliefs of what influence the High God has differ. African religions focus strongly on
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