The High Life

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The High Life In high school peer pressure is stronger then ever. Students are critically judged by their peers and are forced to either compromise one’s own moral values to fit into the group or face being ostracized and out casted. Students sometimes feel backed against a wall and following the group is sometimes easier than going against the grain. It all started a few years ago on a blistering summer day towards the end of the school year. Class was, like usual, long, boring and unbelievably tiresome. All day long I had been thanking God, more than usual, that it was Friday; earlier that day I ran it an old friend, Deiondre Howard, we made plans to hangout; he said he wanted to introduce me to a few friends and chill with a few…show more content…
Wade opens the door and instantly a blinding light and a strong thick pungent wave of haze floats out the room. A smell of flowers and smoke hit my nose like a freight train. Now I know everyone is familiar with this situation. In everyone’s life they come to a crossroads where their common sense and mind tells them to turn around and walk away but their curiosity draws them closer. Well this was one of those situations. We enter the room and sit down on wades futon. Across from me on the laz-y-boy is Christina, immediately that nervousness is replaced with stupidty and cockiness. So for the next few hours I partake in the consumption of alcohol and marijuana, all in the pursuit of trying to impress this girl across from me. For me this was a serious break of moral code. I had always prided myself on my ability to be a leader and not a follower, to avoid un-wanted pressures from peers. Looking back I see how this one incident lead to another and then another. Next thing I know, im hanging out with a totally different group of friends. My afternoons started to change from going home and doing homework to going over Wade’s house, smoking pot, and doing half my home work. I think teachers and parents need to really consider the effects peer pressure has on their children. The simple feeling of not wanting to disappoint someone is enough to lead them to drastic behavior changes in order to do what they think might impress a group of friends or

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