The High Price Market Of Coffee

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In recent decades, coffee has flooded the market with an abundance of flavors as specialty coffee shops arose on almost every street corner. There used to be minimal choices in flavors such as dark roast or light roast, but now there is almost every flavor imaginable. These specialty flavors have been tailored for niche markets such as women and even young children. After visiting three different market tiers of coffee, I was amazed at vast variety, the differences in price and the various countries of origin. The low price market I visited was King Soopers, the mid price market was Starbucks Coffee, and the high price market was Boxcar Coffee. King Soopers had so many varieties of coffee that they had to have a whole aisle for it. Flavors were personalized for different people like women, men, wealthy people and poor people. The bold, extra dark roast was made for men, while the lite French
Vanilla Blend was marketed for women who were watching their weight. Prices ranged from $5 a can to $25 a can. There were enough flavors to please even non-coffee drinkers, such as Caramel Cappuccino, Chocolate Glazed Donut, French Roast, Breakfast Blend, 100% Columbian, and even coffee flavored energy drinks. The aisle was broken up in sections by brand, making it easy to find the exact kind of coffee you desire. The range of brands they had was overwhelming, including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, McCafé, Private Selection, Maxwell House, Folgers, Private Selection, Kroger, Dazbog,
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