The High Quality Education System

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The first immigrants to the land now have been a part of Canada was from Western Europe. Immigration to Canada has become more and more popular in modern life. The teaching style attracts thousands of Asian students. Students in Canada could enjoy social welfare and wonderful environment. Reasonable tuition fees for immigrants are also impelled thousands of international students become a real Canadian. There are more opportunities for post-graduate. A growing number of people immigrate to Canada because of the high-quality education system. The teaching style in Canada is different from Asian countries. First of all, current teaching methods focus on helping kids learn in a variety of ways that accommodate different learning styles and…show more content…
Teachers will point out the weakness of the students and to bring solutions to resolve the problems. Thirdly, courses combine practice and theory together in secondary school. Doing actives and experiments help students to understand better. As a proverb says,” practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth.” Last but not least, Canada is a country, which has two languages and is considered a world leader in language training. Since teaching French and English, as a first and second language is a vital part of a Canadian education, students will be able to improve fluency and capacity for either language as their further studies. Highly educated immigrants choose between college and university programs, and may either enhance their present qualifications or enter a new and different field of study. (Adamuti-Trache and Sweet, 2010) The program combines college course and university course together, in the first two years students take an elementary course in college that is easier and able for every undergraduate to blend in campus life as soon as possible. As we all know there has a serious problem are about thirty percent of students who studies in the university are eliminated each year. That’s why most students choose to study in college first then transfer to a university. In addition, the price for Canadian to study is not high. Compare with students aboard, immigrants have lower tuition fees. Recently, a growing number of families decide to get the
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