The High Quality Of Health Care

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The average quality of health care in the U.S. is significantly more inaccessible than in other developed countries. The U.S. in aggregate spends significantly more on its healthcare industry, relative to other developed nations, and yet not all Americans have access to adequate health care services. In the present essay I compare the healthcare system in France with the U.S. system in regard to the Triple Aim framework (improving quality of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare) to identify alternatives to optimize the U.S. healthcare system as a whole. Subsequently, I apply the findings of my initial comparison and evaluate how said changes/alternatives would affect Providence Health &…show more content…
Unlike France, the U.S. does not provide its citizens with universal coverage. Even though the Affordable Care Act addresses the inequity of the U.S. healthcare system, affordability and patient access in the nation remains an issue unless coverage is comprehensive enough to fully protect people if they become ill. The quality of the treatment along with the level of accessibility the French healthcare system offers to its citizens is exceptional. The U.S. would benefit from adapting a universal healthcare system model that provides its citizens with a large choice of healthcare delivery options like the French healthcare system, thereby improving the quality of care provided.

The effectiveness of the French healthcare system proves that it is in fact possible to achieve universal coverage without a single-payer system. If the U.S. were to adapt a universal healthcare system, Providence would be positively impacted by this change. Adopting this approach would enable Providence to implement its core strategy to create healthier communities, given that more people would be able to afford to receive treatment and preventive care.

Furthermore, France also targets and successfully achieves the Second Aim of improving the health of populations. France currently ranks high on most of the measures of health status when compared to all other nations. Moreover, according to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
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