The High Risk Of Liability And Responsibility Of Today's Entertainment World

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With the high risk of liability and responsibility in today 's entertainment world, T.E.A.M. prides itself in extensive personal training, research, and knowledge of current trends pertaining to the event and security industry. We are a bonded and insured provider of professional security and staff. T.E.A.M. has been an Arizona top-ranked peer security provider for over two decades. T.E.A.M. 's procedures and concepts have been developed to provide its clients the highest level of management oversight, security and staffing personnel, suppliers, and associated vendors the industry has to offer. Currently, we are the biggest security company in the valley. Our biggest type of security is event security which includes ID security, suit…show more content…
I am working on this because I have been there long enough to know how things work and I see all the gaps where there is room for improvement. I want to make sure everybody working with the company is doing a phenomenal job at being security, not just a few of my coworkers and I. The first thing to solve a lot of problems is hiring more qualified people. By doing so, higher standards need to be set from the beginning. T.E.A.M is a company that has never discriminated when hiring coworkers. The difference is that when the new employees show up at the job, they complain that they cannot stand up for that many hours. This means that T.E.A.M needs to hire people that can stand up for hours at a time, or at least make people well aware of the long shifts that occur often. The company also needs to hire people that are able to finish and/or show up to their shifts. There are way too many workers that have to leave mid shift because they have to go to their other job or have something else to do. Also, only people that do not mind working outside should be able to be hired. More than half of the events that we work are outside. Lastly, it is important to hire people that have a reliable transportation. It is understandable that some people will not have cars, as that might be the primary reason they need the job. The worker needs to arrange the transportation, not T.E.A.M. Next important step is to provide more on the job
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