The High School English Professional Learning Community

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The team that was surveyed was the Rivercrest High School English professional learning community, heretofore referred to in this paper as the “English PLC.” The purpose of the survey was to collect data with the goal of improving the working relationship of the English PLC, with the ultimate goal of improving the educational opportunities afforded to Rivercrest students. Out of the seven surveys that were sent out, six were completed. Of the six teachers, none were male, and none were minority. The teachers ranged in experience from seven years to 40 years. Three of the teachers (T1, T2, and T5) have master’s degrees, and three of the teachers have bachelor’s degrees. T5 and T6 teach at the junior high level. Copies of the surveys were printed and placed them in the teacher’s mailboxes. Attached to the survey was a questionnaire that asked for years of service and education information. The surveys were submitted anonymously. Teacher Code Years of Experience Educational Level National Board Certified T1 7 MA No T2 14 MSE No T3 40 BS No T4 21 BSE No T5 21 MS No T6 7 BS No The results of the survey were as follows: • Absence of Trust-6.67 • Fear of Conflict-7.67 • Lack of Commitment-6.67 • Avoidance of Accountability-4.33 • Inattention to Results-7.4 The English PLC received a score of 6.67, which indicates that there could be a problem with trust within the team. This has been evidenced in team meetings, as at least one team member is viewed as “slacking” and is
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