The High School Hockey Team

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Air Horns, Yelling, Sweat, Tears and Blood, this was the moment I knew all the hard work put in over the last fifteen years came to an end. All around me I could see my teammates, my brothers, kids I go out everyday and work my ass off for crying and shaking their heads. The look of defeat was all around me, the feeling of emptiness filled my heart faster than liquid fills a water bottle. This was the second time my High School hockey team had lost in the state championships game. Losing two times doesn 't only hurt the heart but it affects the community as well. As I made my way back to the locker room I hugged my fellow seniors and their parents, and congratulated them on an amazing high school career. As I was changing into my suit and tie, the feeling of failure overcame me and I could tell the same for my fellow teammates. It was the worst feeling imaginable, all the dedication I put into winning this state championship was stripped away and I couldn 't help but feel sad. Cheer up Zach is all I heard for the next two days, as my father constantly tried to enliven my spirit. My father has constantly been there for me, he has been my inspiration and my mentor over the years. At a young age my father taught me the importance of work ethic and discipline. I have carried these traits with me my whole life and without my father 's guidance and mentorship, I wouldn 't be the man I am today. My life has revolved around these traits and after that horrible defeat, I had a dream
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