The High School Of Middle School

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Some people believe “ignorance is bliss” while others believe it is better to know everything. If I had continued the last month of my seventh grade year in ignorance, I would of been better off. Seventh grade, the middle of middle school. Some people did not like middle school at all, personally I loved middle school, especially seventh grade. The reason seventh grade was this magical year is simple a boy was talking to me. Not just any boy, a boy with beautiful amber brown eyes, fluffy brown hair and one of the most confusingly interesting personalities ever. In my opinion, he was the most swoon worthy boy I had ever met, and my longtime crush, who we will call Bob to save both of us the embarrassment. We have been friends for a while, but after kindergarten we lost touch because of that “awkward cooties phase”. Finally after eight years of the “pretend I do not know you game” he was showing some interest in me, but not for the right reasons. The school year was in the closing trimester, summer was approaching like an unavoidable plague wiping away all students desire or care for school. The entire school felt the same way, sixty more days and we leave. Each trimester at my middle school, the seventh and eighth graders would get a different elective. Third trimester I was stuck with, photography. I enjoy taking photos, so I signed up for the class before I knew the teacher. The teacher who taught it was by far my least favorite teacher. She was weird, creepy, and made…
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