The High School Sports Program

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In this scenario you have a coach who is the pride and joy of the community and a principal who is faced with a difficult decision. As a sort of figurehead of the high school, the coach has a longstanding positive relationship with many members in the community. High school sports programs are often integral part of rural communities, as is demonstrated in this scenario. Mr. Bradley has not only been the basketball coach for the past 15 years, but in this role he has secured donations that have been used to make major improvements to the athletic program. The community support of the coach is a critical issue in this scenario because the principal must take into consideration the reactions of the community based on the decision that is made related to Coach Bradley’s future. If the decision is made to terminate the coach, the principal could face backlash from the community resulting in fewer donations as well as lack of support for other school initiatives.
The other critical issue that is present is the inappropriate relationship between staff member and student. As an employee of the school district, Mr. Bradley is expected to act in a professional manner with both staff and students. The physical contact he initiated with the student was unprofessional and could be seen as an abuse of power. As the scenario states, this is not the first time such indiscretions have been made by Coach Bradley. Even though the coach is a beloved member of the community, the principal must…
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