The High School Student Program

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Choice is a luxury most in rural China cannot afford but, as a 16-year old girl who had just arrived to the United States, the myriad of choices that lay before me was extremely awesome. I equated the impressive array of choice in terms related to good fortune or even wealth, and this beginning would serve as the impetus to my achievements in this country thus far. But, what compelled me to leave my home and family, and travel alone to this country, was to become educated. Where I am from in China, education seems almost to be a type of magic that can only be wished for; it is elusive to most. I recognized that education lay at the core of opportunity, and if I focused and worked hard I could one day share the good fortune of choice as well as the magic that only education can inspire others, both here as well as in China. I arrived to the U.S. as a high school junior under the J-1 Visa, Secondary School Student Program and had the privilege to have stayed in Virginia with a family headed by parents who are both school teachers. Upon completion, I obtained an F-1 student visa and completed my senior year in 2011 at a rural boarding school in northeast Georgia. Upon arriving to Drexel University (Drexel) as a freshman I had already decided that my future professional life would, in some way, be in education. After transferring to New York University (NYU) as a junior, I would choose a degree in economics, which I felt to be fundamental in terms of my aspirations as a leader
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