The Higher Price of Higher Education

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The High Price of Higher Education In America's society today, students are expected to follow the path of day care, grade school, middle school, high school and hopefully college. Growing up in America today, the importance of education is stressed starting at the earliest stages of development. In a world with a competitive job market and with citizens who want to make the most money that they can, a college education is key in success. For some students, financing college is not a problem. Money should not be a factor in the student's decision-making process when choosing what school to attend, but unfortunately many people are unable to attend the university of their choice due to the high costs. Working through college is not…show more content…
If this is the case then there should be documentation of these increases but, "academic institutions have made little effort either on or off campus to make themselves transparent to explain their finances," (Tuition Rising). There is no documentation that describes what every penny of tuition pays for. It is only stated that it goes toward "administrative costs, faculty salaries, technology, Federal regulation, endowment, State appropriations," (Tuition Rising). But why are the costs rising? Patrick M. Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, states that "there's not much going on in either private or public higher education that is very serious about cost control," (Tuition Rising). He believes that "Underlying all this is that more kids are graduating from high school every year, most of them want to go to college, and so it's a seller's market. Universities raise tuition because they can,"(Tuition Rising). This makes us wonder if universities are tricking us of our money since they have not documented where tuition is going. In order to avoid confusion from students and parents who want answers, the government should require institutions to have documentation of what tuition is funding. Financial aid is a popular choice for students to fund their college education, which presently costs an average of "$15,566 for an undergraduate student
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