The Highly Appreciated Profession of Teaching Essay

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Just as any valued profession teaching also requires a progressive education and high academic standing. Any profession, along with intellectual accomplishments, also requires some sort of entry exam such as a bar exam or in the case of teaching a PRAXIS exam. Teachers are strongly committed to helping students reach their ambitions and watching students grow. A teacher also devotes their lives to helping families, and communities in need of higher educational programs and facilities. The teaching profession has many standards that make teaching a highly appreciated profession. The first standard of teaching is that teachers must spend four of more years educating themselves on the specialized knowledge that they must acquire to…show more content…
The next professional standard is that teachers represent their professional organization which means that there is always room for professional development. Lastly and also very important is that teacher are well known by the community in where they teach, this standard of teaching is also very crucial for teachers because this states that a teacher is what she teaches. These eight standards form a career of teaching that is looked at with great respect and establish teaching a great profession. Teacher Licensure In the community teaching is a very valued and prestige profession but becoming a teacher requires numerous of licensure requirements. In my case I plan to teach elementary education, preferably kindergarten. The steps to becoming an elementary teacher have just as many requirements as any other grade levels or subject areas. The first step to becoming a licensed teacher is completing your Bachelors or Masters’ degree. Endorsement course are extremely important to obtain all licensure requirements, endorsement courses consist of 12 English credits, 15 history or social science credits, 12 nature science credits, 12 math credits, 2 arts or music credit, and lastly 3 humanities credits. Licensure requires you to take methods courses also and elementary education demands human development and learning literacy in content areas, internships in education, and assessing
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