The Highly Intelligent Bonobos

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Why do we say that Bonobo has intelligence? Similar to humans might be a partial reason why Bonobo is classified as intelligence animal. Many evidences show that Bonobo expresses its intelligence in the natural world. Bonobo is highly intelligence and physically similar to human ancestor. Bonobos were discovered in the forest along the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1927. They are named as the “pygmy chimpanzees” because of the similarities in their physical traits with chimpanzees. A lot of people make the same mistake in recognizing Bonobo and Chimpanzee though they have the same height. However, Bonobo come with leaner body, smaller head and longer leg than Chimpanzee. Moreover, they physically feature as the closest primates to human who hold “almost 98.6 percent of their DNA” comparing with human.(
Specifically, learning language indicates the most stunning ability about Bonobos intelligence. Human is regarded as the intelligence animal because we can use language which distinguishes us with others. Language covers many combinations of words such as grammars, sentences, phrases that only human can understand. Since I was a child, I usually thought that the world of animal had its own language that we did not know about it. Although many species can understand what their species want to transfer in the world of nature by using methods such as waves or signal, but none of them can deliver it into language. But we know this:
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