The Highwayman

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Analytical Essay Sample INTRODUCTION – (1 paragraph) STRUCTURE 1. Opening sentences which introduce the poem, its author and its form.Explain why the poem is of a particular form (either a ballad or lyric poem). 2. Thesis statement: A general statement about what the poem communicates about life and life experience. 3. Signpost: briefly outline the more specific reasons for how/why the poem conveys this life experience and / or message. (Introduce the main features which will be explored in more detail in the body of your essay). | INTRODUCTION 1. “The Highwayman” is a ballad poem written by the author, Alfred Noyes. Many features of the ballad are evident in this poem; it tells a narrative story, it has a regular rhythm,…show more content…
Direct quotes must be accurately referenced to and drawn on in outlining your point. c. Extended reasoning (elaborate on your point). Here you reason through the logic of your point in more depth. Extend reasoning allows you to explain and justify further why the poet has made such a choice. d. Summary sentence. Your concluding sentence should summarise the central idea presented and link to the thesis. | BODY PARAGRAPH 2 a. Secondly, the author, Alfred Noyes uses imagery to effectively to communicate his message to readers. His use of metaphor, simile and personification all help convey the message of forbidden love and tragedy. b & c. In the first stanza, Noyes uses metaphors on almost every line. For example, “The wind was a torrent of darkness…”,“The moon was a ghostly galleon…” and “The road was a ribbon of moonlight…”. All these metaphors effectively create a dark and scary atmosphere at the start of the poem. Similes are also used throughout the ballad to create interesting descriptions of characters and actions. For example, “Dumb as a dog…”, “his hair like mouldy hay” and “He spurred like a madman…”. Finally, personification is used to convey the love and tragedy of the tale. For example, “The hours crawled by like years…”. d. Through his use of imagery devices throughout the poem, the author’s main message that
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