The Hindu Temple Of India

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The white Hindu temple stood quietly against the chaos that surrounded it in Agra, India. The marble that made up the building was stunningly clean compared to the streets that were filled with holes and dirt. The car horns and movement of people coming from their jobs that Friday created chaos around the building. The temple was made up of a square base with 4 domes at the top, similar to those of the Taj Mahal, except much smaller. Sculptures of Indian deities and revered images were chiseled all over the exterior of the temple. There were oxes and cows at the bottom of the temple. Farther up the building were the hundreds of Hindu Gods that existed were depicted. Each had at least 4 or 6 arms and were each standing in powerful stances…show more content…
After entering through the gates people began to take off their shoes and leave them in a pile next to the entrance of the gate. Sunil and Sindhu followed in suit, but Sunil passed his younger sister his shoes which she placed in her bag, alongside her own. Leaving your shoes in the pile meant they would likely be stolen. The women began to place scarfs around their heads, a sign of reverence to the Gods.
Sindhu began to wonder around the temple staring up at the building. Sunil grabbed at her arm and gave her a warning look, “Sindhu, apane skaarph ko rakho,” Put on your scarf, he said in a hushed voice. Sindhu sighed and took out a red scarf from her bag and placed it over her head. She hated the way it made her feel suffocated and overheated.
The siblings began walking around the temple, as they were still some time before Puja was going to start. Sindhu pointed to a statue of Durga, a goddess who was warrior known in Hindu mythology as a powerful women who fight off demons and maintained the peace. She was depicted with six arms standing on top of a demonic cow she had slayed. Her face was cut off. “Sunil, what happened to her face?” exclaimed Sindhu to her older brother in a thick Indian accent. “Dheere bolo.” Speak softly, Sunil said angrily.
“Ab angrej yahaan the to ve mandir aate the aur devataon ke chehare ko dhvast kar dete the. vahaan dekho,” When the British were here they would come to temple and demolish the faces of Gods, he said.

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