The Hip-Hop : The Four Types Of Hip Hop Culture

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The young men and women of Bronx, New York created the cultural phenomenon called hip hop, because of the changes in the environment during the 1970s. Some of these changes include population diversity, advancement in media technology, changing economy, and the citizens’ ideas of their rights. Hip-Hop is a multi-layered art form. It consists of four layers. These four layers are DJing/Beatmaking, break dancing, graffiti, and rapping. Hip-Hop has become a worldwide sensation. It can be found in about every city in the world. For example In countries like Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Havanna, Rome, and Tokyo the hip-hop culture is embraced. The race of people who are correlated with Hip Hop culture are usually african americans and latin americans. Although many of the people who started the phenomenon fall into those categories, there were also caucasian members who added the momentum of Hip hop. For example Cap who many people consider to be a graffiti artist legend. Diversity was very essential in the making of hip-hop culture. Many people consider diversity to be very helpful in environments. “People work harder, are more creative, and are more diligent when they work with or around a diverse group of people”, says Katherine W. Phillips, who is a professor and senior vice dean at Columbia Business School. Companies that put a priority on innovation are worth more when minorities hold top leadership positions. These companies are $44 million more valuable, on average. How is diversity important to the creation of hip hop though? The Bronx was already a diverse area before hip hop. Some of these races included african americans, west indians from anglophone islands, and spanish speaking people from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Honduras, and Panama. After a while many white americans left the Bronx. Now the American born minorities started fusing their culture together. The two races connected specifically by the use of music. Rayman Mantila said “ After I got to play the conga drums I had a bunch of friends that were all interested in playing drums, the puerto rican kids in my area….Everybody would go to the roof and play all kind of rhythms.” They created beats with the constant sounds of drums. These drum beats

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