The Hippie Subculture of the 1960s Essay

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The 1960’s was a decade to remember. Hippies, The Draft, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War were all events that took place in this youthful generation. Drugs claimed numerous lives furthermore the birth rate for young adolescents reached sky high. There was a major turning point on the idealistic life in the sixties its effect tarnished many families. ¶ The corner of Haight and Ashbury marks the spot of where the hippie subculture began. “ Initially it was a youth movement that started during the early 1960’s and spread all over the world” (Stone, Skip). The word hippie derives from “hipster which is someone who rejects the established culture” (Web Dictionary). Hippies rejected and established institutions, criticized middle-class…show more content…
Velvet, leather, denim, Indian cotton and silk were all popular fabrics. Op art, paisleys and psychedelic designs appeared on clothes. Hippies had no problem with nudity in their eyes it was totally natural. Footwear ranged from the basic sandal, zippered boots, to platforms and bright patent leather shoes. Walking barefoot to hippies put them in direct touch with the world around them. Accessories included love beads, bandannas, granny glasses, Bangles, rings, earrings, nose rings, and ankle bracelets were worn. Necklaces were adorned with peace symbols, raised fists, and yin-yang symbols. Many hippies did not wear deodorant, cosmetics or perfume of any kind, preferring to keep their body natural. “ Long hair was there declaration of independence and rebellion against the clean shaven U.S army” (Huber, Adam). ¶ “ Many hippies tried and used plenty of illegal drugs in the 60’s mainly because their lives were filled with hard days to get past so most hippies used drugs to get out of their regular state of mind so they were worry free” (Stone, Skip). Hippies used a variety of different drugs the main drugs that were experimented with is Marijuana, Shrooms, Heroine, and LSD. Marijuana is a green, brown or gray mixture of dried shredded leaves and stems. It changes how the brain works and causes blood shot eyes. From 1960 to 1970 the number of Americans who had tried marijuana had increased from a few

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