The Hippocratic Oath Essay

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Dear Brian Mills (CEO of Community Health Network), Introduction Medical care in the United States of America is significant to allow individuals to have an increased quality of life. There are many health care providers in America that work long hours so that other individuals in communities are able to function and live out their daily life. The Hippocratic Oath is significant for these health care providers because patients are the first priority in order to help or save lives and uphold ethics of providing care. Certain issues must be expressed and enforced because they are effecting the economy, the public, and several other areas that effect the entire community of Kokomo and Howard County. However, I understand several of the reasons as to why you support the merger of both health care entities to meet certain standards. As a politician representing the county, I disagree strongly because the hospital would not be able to sustain care for the community and research suggest from several sources that merging causes negative effects to the consumer of health care. Although, it may be able to continue providing care as a nonprofit organization related to Community Health Network, but a medical organization must consider the public as its first priority because of medical conditions, injuries, illnesses, and other distinct issues that people have. However, there are negative issues that arise when mergers occur. Gregory Curfman, Medical Doctor, Editor in Chief of Harvard
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