The Historical And Contemporary Importance Of Francis Of Assisi

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The most popular saint in history, Francis of Assisi 's life is shrouded in as much legend as it is fact. However, the influence of Francis or the monastic order he founded cannot be disputed. Born into great wealth and influence during the Middle Ages, Francis turned down such comforts instead taking up a life of poverty and ministry. In less than two decades of ministry, Francis was able to leave a legacy that continues to influence the Church today. The following will show the historical and contemporary importance of Francis of Assisi by examining his unique life, his founding of the Franciscan Order and his ongoing influence in the life of the Church. Saint Francis of Assisi was born Giovanni Bernardone around 1182 in Assisi, Italy to Peter (Pietro) Bernardone, a wealthy Italian cloth merchant, and his wife Pica. When Francis was born Peter was away in France on business and his mother baptized him as Giovanni. Upon his return, Peter gave Giovanni the name Francesco (Francis). Francis received some limited formal education, but this was supplemented with practical education received while accompanying his father on his many business journeys. Francis lived the typical life of a wealthy young man and aspired to be a knight. He was quite the character and always desired to rise about the common place. A major turning point began in his life when in 1202, he joined a military expedition against Perugia. The forces from Assisi were defeated during which he was…
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