The Historical Conditions For Economic Development

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Question A In the historical conditions for economic development, the change in development of countries has lead to enormous transformations of both political and social state. Why did China refuse between the year 1400 and 1980 only to re-build a major presence in the world economy? Why did Europe, an area separated by suffering and strife after the downfall of the Roman Empire, become the existence of modern economic growth? As experts on these two regions of the world, we make particular differences of similar processes. I start with a review of some different arguments offered for both Europe’s and China’s successes and failures. Some of these we reject based on them not able to explain known truth. Others we allow but place into a bigger framework of explanation that allies political economy and price theory. We agree that this approach gives a more satisfying discussion of the formulations and issues with better answers to the big questions than do the different narratives. Our collaboration affirms that the combination of the economic theory with expertise in the history of Europe and China makes for better economic history. While we tackle a key issue in the economic history we study any grand theory. Or rather we search to develop a group of accounts that are same with what we know and that could be affirmed by future study. We examine the long history of unity in China and political history in Europe. We argue that political issues were not
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