The Historical Content Of Oroonoko 's Story

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The historical content of Oroonoko’s story was established in 1640’s, Oroonoko the young African prince, who was captured by the British to be a slave in Surinam. Which it was set in the coast of South America during 1640s, just as before British had surrounded the colony of the Dutch.

Oroonoko hated the fact that his family will remain slaves to the British, he decided to kill his family, so they wont be slaves and have a miserable life forever, rather be free, death was his only choice to be free from the slavery life.
Through out this essay I will examine the main elements in which Oroonoko is engaged with: Gender equality and Slavery.

Oroonoko’s story is very complex and problematic, through its evaluations of conflicts and dualities .the main topic that Aphra Behn explores are deeply rooted to the historical perspective of the seventeenth century. Aphra attempts to separate herself from the historic context that designed on numbers, Ratios and values, She aims to evaluate on some questions by taking into contemplations mainly on human and cultural aspects equivalent to the Atlantic triangle. (Mallipeddi, R ) Mentions on the online article “spectacle, spectatorship, and sympathy in Aphra Behn 's Oroonoko “that “transported as slaves to the American colony of Surinam, Behn 's novella brings together the ideologies of heroic romance, the Caribbean plantation economy, and slavery, displacing in the process the Mediterranean with the Atlantic as the site of cultural

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