The Historical Development And Influences On Physical Education

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Eugene Pring S3547404 Times are Changing: The History of Physical Education in Australia Topic: Discuss the historical development and influences on Physical Education in Australia and how this has impacted on the current Physical Education programs in Victoria, Australia OHTH2122 Teaching Methods of Health & Physical Education 1B Lecturer: Kate Jenkinson Part B - Essay Response (30%) Due: 4pm Tuesday 25th August 2015 (Week 6) Word Count: words. Submitted to the School of Medical Sciences, RMIT, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree, Bachelor of Applied Science (Health and Physical Education) Physical education is a fundamental component of the Australian curriculum that maintains an underlying goal of providing the knowledge and skills to students to allow them to live healthy and productive lives. However, the beginning of physical education in its purest form can be traced back to a time when human society was in its infancy, when the discipline would have been exhibited mainly through necessary survival skills including hunting and spear throwing along with combat skills involving wrestling and swordsmanship (Lumpkin, 2004). The ancient Greeks bestowed great honour and prestige upon those who possessed athletic perfection through the emphasis on the anatomy of an individual and their balanced life. This was coupled with the Olympic Games that were used to adjudicate athletic perfection amongst many individuals. It was the
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