The Historical Development Of Nursing

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The historical development of nursing from ancient times to the present
For everyone knows that nursing has existed since the beginning of mankind, therefore, nursing is as old as mankind, because mankind has always had people unable to fend for themselves and always has been the need to care for them .The nursing, such as medicine and other professions through history has been developing its content, so the nurse shows his evolution over time, to become a profession without losing its original essence: care .In the study of nursing from antiquity to the present day is divided into two stages pre-vocational stage where the ancient cultures until the late nineteenth century and a second professional stage starting from the early twentieth century with the development expertise theoretical with the appearance of new training programs.
The pre professional stage is a stage a little dark as there are no written records or sufficient data beginning of this stage. Studying this stage consists of a dark stage based on the legacy of oral tradition and another stage of written tradition that begins with the study of monastic infirmary based on the study of monastic science and its rules, regulations hospitals and nursing manuals.
At this stage is complex discuss the care of nursing, at this stage we can not ignore the care exercised by women in the domestic sphere either by the healing traditions of religion and magic as well as something guided by instinct and affection, would…
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