The Historical Development of Geography

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Historical Development of Geography The study of geography is a phenomenon that has been in existence for a significant number of years and the study goes back way into history of the earth, trying to uncover the several aspects that deal with the earth and naturally found physical matter. The study of geographical features began more than four thousand years ago, with the mapping of the physical features and places being the prime focus of such early studies. This was the duration when the Chinese, Phoenicians and Egyptians as these were the civilization then, began to explore areas outside their native homes (Michael Pidwirny, 2010). It was the Greeks however who were the first civilization to go beyond the study of maps and map making otherwise known as cartography. They had a keen interest in spatial nature of human as well as physical features on earth. With people like Herodotus the discipline of human and physical geography especially in Persia came to be formally studied. There was also a great deal of interest in form, size as well as the geometry of the earth during the 384-322 BC. People like Aristotle brought forth hypothesis and used science to demonstrate that the earth is spherical. Some of the natural phenomenon that aided the argument was the lunar eclipse occurrences and it was during the 276-194 BC that the real circumference of the earth was calculated by Eratosthenes who was an astronaut and a mathematician (Julian Rubin, 2011). Most of the
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