The Historical Development of the US Court System

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Describe the Historical Development of the US Court System Over the last 224 years, the US court system has been continually evolving. At the heart of these changes, is the belief that the Constitution establishes basic practices that must be followed at all times. This has led to the development of a legal structure that is based on case precedent and oversight (which are augmented with constitutional ideas). The combination of these factors has meant that the judicial branch is continually transforming. To fully understand the way this is taking place requires examining the dual court system and how this compares to other countries. Together, these different elements will highlight the way the US judicial system has developed in comparison with other regions of the world. (Couser, 1992, pp. 14 29) How does the dual court system operate in the United States? The dual court system is when there are different levels of courts (i.e. federal and state). This structure was established with the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789. What happened was the Article III of the Constitution defines the Supreme Court as the highest judicial authority in the nation. However, when it comes to the structure, this was left up to Congress. In 1789, they established a series of different federal and state courts. The way it works is the federal courts have the power to review the decisions of state courts. The US Supreme Court is considered to be the final authority for interpreting the
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