The Historical Developments That Truly Defines The Renaissance As Rebirth

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Diala Tadros MRS. Sean Doyle HUM 103-003 6/13/16

Q.1 A) The three historical developments that truly defines the Renaissance as rebirth. In Renaissance History and Religion, Renaissance rebirth. It assigns especially to the rebirth of learning that began in Italy in the fourteenth century, spread to the north, counting England, by the sixteenth century, and ended in the mid-seventeenth century. the Renaissance was more than a rebirth. First historical development that truly define the Renaissance as rebirth is The compass. It’s important for navigation. Printing press is key in spreading info such as books. Second, the hundred years’ war, this lasting conflict between France and England saw the reinforcement of new
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Luther was extremely outgoing. he loves being with people. Luther located most of his stress upon the celebrity fact of their confirmation of the believer. Luther was cheerful to grant the government to handle the control of the church.

Q.2 A) The most famous painter in Renaissance time period was Leonardo da Vinci. Because, Leonardo was an artist and a scientist. Leonardo was and is great principally as a painter. The Mona Lisa is one the brilliant paintings of Leonardo. He completed the support of enough modern life. The airplane was one of his apparatus. He also adds as much as he can about medicine and the human body, in extension to physics and art. Without Leonardo, modern life would most likely be much contrasting then our involvement it today. Leonardo was not educated like other Renaissance artist, although he did receive guidance from his parents in a conditional like reading, writing and mathematics. Many of his works was uncompleted because he was a slow painter.

B) The Renaissance work of architecture would teach us about visual arts is The Basilica Papal di San Pietro in the Vatican City. It was known as Saint Peter 's Basilica. It is an important Roman Catholic church in the world. and one of the holiest churches in Christendom. Belong to Roman architecture of the early Christian art period. From the ninth century the Christian Church was completely joined with the fine of architectural. It’s the world largest church build over the tomb of St.
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