The Historical Events And Issues

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ASIA 356 Term Paper: Topic 1
Every film implies its own meaning and message that the director intends to convey. The same subject matter can be interpreted distinctively by many different film directors, and it is expressed in a particular way in the film according to the director’s perspective. Therefore, different movies that deal with the same subject matter allow audiences to have different perception on the same subject matter, depending on the intentions of film directors, or on the ways they deliver the message in the movie. Likewise, the movies regarding the same historical event and issue and can give audiences different impressions and perceptions of the same historical figure or event, depending on how the film directors developed and portrayed the story in the film. To give a specific impression of a historical event or issue to the audiences, directors utilize variety of cinematic devices such as the plot development, characters and scenes.
In this paper, it will be examined how the famous Korean historical events and issues are portrayed from different perspectives and convey specific impressions to the audiences through the Korean blockbuster films, Silmido (2003) and Taegukgi (2004), and the historical drama film, The Throne (2015). Further, it will be discussed how the directors of each movie used different cinematic devices in order to deliver their intentions and shape the opinions of the audiences on the issues and events.
Silmido & Taegukgi…
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