The Historical Experience Of Cosmopolitan Africa

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Africa Historical Experience
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Cosmopolitan Africa 1700-1875 was organized in Kingdoms, and there were more kingdoms than the number of states that are present in Africa right now. This is because the countries that are currently marked with the international boundaries had some Kingdoms. Some of the most renowned kingdoms included Buganda, Mali, Ashanti, Kingdom of Saloum, and the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. Some of the earliest civilizations in Africa include the Ancient Egypt, Nubia, Sahel, Maghreb and the Horn of Africa currently where Somalia lies (Worden, 2005).
Themes and concepts that characterized Africa between 1700 and 1875
One of the themes was the organization of African communities into Kingdoms. These Kingdoms served as governments, and some kingdoms were powerful than others. Kingdoms resorted to conquering other smaller kingdoms for them to expand and increase in wealth. The economic activities conducted in Africa by then was farming and trading. Different kingdoms collaborated for the sake of trading because one kingdom had what the other did not have. When they could not agree, they would negotiate and when the negotiation fail, they would engage in war and the powerful kingdom will win and have control over both resources.
Agriculture was the main economic activity, and it believed that it started in Egypt amongst the people who lived along the Nile River. They used…
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