The Historical Foundation Of People With Disabilities Essay

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Historical Foundation: The historical foundation of people with disability has evolved from a place where people with disabilities were hidden away to present time being involved member of their community. disability. One of the first changes for people with disabilities was the Kennedy Era of 1960. President Kennedy used his platform to challenge the quality of life of people with disabilities. When his MR panel found a non-existing care for people with disabilities, their was a removal of mental institutions for their lack of care of their patient (wk 3 slides). Kennedy used his position as President to find what were the current levels of well-being for people with disability. By having a President take people with disabilities needs into consideration was the beginning in a change of improving the life of people with disabilities. Another revolutionary event that changes the history of people with disabilities was the institution of Willowbrook in New York City. The media coverage of Willowbrook in *** showed the horrible conditions people with disabilities were living in, and the lack of medical or safety concern for the patient at Willobrook (****). The importance of Willowbrook is the America people were seeing how people with disabilities were being taken of and how they were treated as animal and not as people. Although, Willowbrook is a dark time period for people with disabilities, the benefit of the exposure of Willowbrook is the accountability institutions had
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