The Historical Inquiry Of The Greek World

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After 800 B.C, the historical inquiry of the Greek world changed tremendously, as did Greek life that opened up an intellectual revolution of energy. The sixth century B.C. was the beginning it this revolution with Thales of Miletus and continued with other philosophers (Breisach, 2007). The New Greek philosophers pursed the basic substance from which all things known in the universe was made up of. Historical writing was beginning written as poems by the philosophers. Writing poems in a historical approach had the philosophers exploring the mystery of the cosmos instead of the common problems of human existence. The fourth century is when the Sophists discovered that their attention was connected to the phenomena that dealt with everyday human life. The Greeks grew more confident in the practical and intellectual mastery of the world and the ways to record it (Breisach, 2007).
Herodotus and Thucydides had different views on war and their approach to the accounts of the wars. Both aimed to write historical accounts of the wars they wrote about. Herodotus ended his cultural history by celebrating his favorite city-state Athens along with other Greek city-states. In several ways, Herodotus differed from other historians and mythologist from precedent eras. He did not completely banish the supernatural from his Histories. His accounts of the Persian Wars he verbally expressed was mostly due to past events to natural causes (Richard, 2003). Thucydides focused his works just on…
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