The Historical Jesus : Five Views

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Vincent DiRienzo
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The Historical Jesus: Five Views

The Historical Jesus: Five Views edited by J.K Beilby and P.R Eddy is a most interesting book to say the least. This is a great book to be introduced into the world of the historical Jesus. Along with the editors we have five contributors hence the name “Five Views”. This includes Robert M. Price, J.D Crossan, Luke Timothy Johnson, D.G Dunn and Darrel L. Bock. Each contributor presents their own views of the historical Jesus presented in the gospels and what they believe. Backgrounds on each of the authors are immense so I’ll stick to what they majored in, what they wrote and what they are most known for. Robert M. Price is an American theologian and writer who is best known for being a religious skeptic. He calls himself a Christian atheist as he sees that Jesus did not exist. He has written a controversial book “The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man and Deconstructing Jesus” and challenges the perspective of the spiritual Jesus. John Dominic Crossan is a NT scholar, a historian of Christianity and a former priest. His view on Jesus is that most of the gospel stories of Jesus are untrue and many of Jesus sayings were meant as guidelines. He has written the book “God and Empire: Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now”. Luke Timothy Johnson just like John Dominic Crossan is a NT scholar and a historian of Christianity. He is the professor of the NT and Christian Origins at Candler School of Theology. He has written
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