The Historical Origin Of Islam

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In order to fully understand the religion of Islam you must start at the very beginning, way back to the time before Muhammad, to understand who the Muslim people were before they were Muslims. The origin of Islam begins over a few million years ago and ends with the death of Muhamad. The historical origin of Islam is important because it illustrates the depth from which the Muslim people have emerged from throughout history. As the reader will find out, the Muslim people sacrificed much in order for the religion to persevere. The history of Islam displays the importance of the foundations which Islam is built on.
The history of the Muslim people began a few million years ago (Stewart, Unfolding Islam, 1). The world was a much different place back then. During that time the continents of the world did not have the same form that they have today, “Afro-Arabia and Eurasia together formed a super continent, Afro-Eurasia” (Stewart, 1). The placement of Afro-Eurasia was centrally located making it easy to transport between “Africa, Asia and Europe” (Stewart, 1). The proximity of the continents supported the spread of Islam. Between that time and the emergence of Islam other Semitic religions surfaced. Islam was the last Semitic religion to appear (Stewart, 1).
Christians held the belief that Jesus was the embodiment of the divine. In less than 300 years since Jesus death and resurrection Christianity flourished in the Roman Empire (Stewart, 17). Theodosius I was the…
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