The Historical Record Of Makeup

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Beauty was considered as important in Ancient time as it is today. People might have had never thought of the significance of it in ancient time and assumes it to be a trend of a 20th century. Women have had always looked for ways to enhance their beauty which is why makeup was invented in Ancient times back in 3100BC and is being used more commonly today than ever before. Makeup has gone through many changes and improvement itself to make it easier and safer for its users. I will discuss on how makeup has evolved in a variety of products, how and when they were made as well as what it meant to wear makeup.
Makeup has been around for thousands of years and was first introduced by Ancient Egyptians. It is hard to evaluate the exact time.
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As mention on the quote that ancient Egyptians were using Kohl to enhance their eyes beauty and also to prevent from any type of diseases. Likewise, in 3000 BC nail polish was used by the Chinese, nail paint was made up of gum Arabic, egg whites, gelatin, and beeswax. The nail polish colors also used to indicate the social of royal class. For example, Gold, silver, red and black colors were often used by the royal families (A History of Cosmetics from Ancient Time 2). In 1500 BC, rice powder were used as a foundation to make their faces white, there were no concept of eyebrows in China back then they shaved off their eyebrows and painted their teeth gold or black for their beauty and also used Henna to dye their hair (A History of Cosmetics from Ancient Time 2). In that time of era these were the few type of makeup commonly used to enhance beauty, show royalty and to please god. “the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Osiris only considered those … [who] heavily made-up eyes worthy enough to move from the physical world into spiritual” (Drelich2).
In 1000 BC, the Grecians start using cosmetics. Products they commonly used was face powder and red lipstick to make themselves unique from the rest of the population. Red color had always been a sign of royalty. Further in 500 – 200 BC the makeup
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