The Historical Reshaping Of Primary Nursing As A Type Care Model

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All through the historical backdrop of nursing, various types of delivery care model have been utilized and contributed to the reshaping of more current models. Primary nursing model is one of which that has been generally used for a long time and contributed significantly to the nursing profession. It has also held incredible significance in the molding of the many newer delivery care models.
Primary nursing is a type care model that has been generally utilized all through the nursing profession by nurses, it is a care model in which a Registered Nurse (RN) also known as the primary nurse is allotted a group of patients to assess their needs, plan the care, implement and evaluate the plan of care. It was developed on a nursing unit in a
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The role of the primary nurse is to create, plan, collaborate, delegate and facilitate the majority of the patient direct care with the patient, doctor and their families.
The primary nurse also communicates with other members of the health care team regarding the patient’s health care. This model encourages a compatibility with the patient and help with building a trusting relationship. This care model is commonly used in hospice, home health care and long term care settings. In doing so the nurse takes 24 hour responsibility for the outcomes of that care from admission to discharge. However, in the absence of the primary nurse, an associate nurse (RN) can implement the care based on the primary nurse’s specification but he or she cannot change the plan of care.
According to a research literature conducted by Whitby to compared the value which staff nurses and nurse managers from primary nursing units and total patient care units placed on authority, responsibility and accountability. It was discovered that there were some elements of primary nursing that is valued as opposed to total patient care model, such as direct communication and authority. Nurse Managers and staff nurses from the primary nursing placed a higher value on accountability and autonomy than those from the total patient care group (Whitby, 2006).
The studies touch on elements of professionalism such as autonomy, which was found

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