The Historical Romances Of Walter Scott

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Historical Romance is a broad category of fiction. Walter Scott was the one who helped in popularizing this genre in the early 19th century. Wolf Hall (2009) which was published by a Historical Novelist, Hilary Mantel, gives us the knowledge of the continuity in the publishing of Historical Romances.
Basically, Historical Romance means “fiction dealing with love”. It can also be defined as a “fictitious narrative in prose or verse”. Many romances, including the Historical Romances of Walter Scott, are also frequently called novels, and Scott describes romance as a “Kindred Term”.
In the medieval historical romances which was set between 450-1485, women were often considered as no more than a property and were forced to live at the mercy of their father, guardian, or the king. In this type of genre fiction the heroine is always from the aristocracy, and she must use her will in order to find a husband who will accept her need to be independent and protect her from the danger.
In the medieval history, heroes are always strong and dominant, and the heroine, despite her independent spirit, is usually still in a subordinate position.
In “The Scarlett Letter”, Nathaniel Hawthorne drew on a specific genre of nineteenth century fiction called the romance. Before the publication of “The Scarlett Letter”, the romance was considered unrealistic but it was gradually accepted by American readers.
In the novel. Hester (the lead character) is being led to the scaffold, where she is to be…
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