The Historical Sociology Of Education

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Reformation is undeniably needed in various aspects of our United States of America, especially in our educational and political systems. Someone may propose a temporary fix to one or the other problem. I am going to argue that we already have the solution to both by taking propositions from two completely different time frames in history with the help of Stanford University’s professor David Labaree, whose primary area of scholarship is the historical sociology of education. I will explain how the United States of America’s educational system is inoperative and present how to use the layout of our pre-existing system to transition into Plato’s Republic to further exceed the ever-changing educational prosperities of our nation. As well as…show more content…
The sociolinguistics of schooling is not only an expression of the organizational apathy in students of the educational system but is also working as an apparatus by which it forms society. As a result, reform has to change both the values implanted in education and the formal configuration itself, which may resist. In fact, in many ways it already has a negative effect on these problems by draining money and energy away from social reforms that might hold a more extensive impact, as David Labaree states: We assign formal responsibility to education for solving our most pressing social problems in light of our highest social ideals, with the tacit understanding that by educationalizing these problem-solving efforts we are seeking a solution that is more formal than substantive. We are saying that we are willing to accept what education can produce — new programs, new curricula, new institutions, new degrees, new educational opportunities — in place of solutions that might make real changes in the ways in which we distribute social power, wealth, and honor. (Labaree 448) Common Core for example is a new mathematical procedure being implemented in school systems all across California. This new process by which they incite critical thinking in math is causing a generational gap between a large practice. Common Core did not
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